The 2018 Sozo Children Uganda Internship provides students (ages 18 - 21) with a life-changing summer experience! This 8-week experience in Kampala, Uganda is open to 12 individuals each summer. Your summer will be spent in the village and our homes investing in the children’s lives and submersing into Ugandan culture!

Before you apply, our hope is you will prayerfully consider if this experience is right for you! Click the button below to read more about our Summer Internship experience!




This cost is all inclusive for the 8-week experience. The cost covers your round-trip flight, food, lodging, transportation, communication, excursions, special projects, & mandatory intern retreat. 

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A day has yet to go by where I have not reminisced on this past summer I had in Uganda. It never ceases to amaze me the way that the Lord opens doors that you never even knew were existent, just as He opened the door for the Sozo Internship. This summer was a summer of humility, a summer where I learned to set myself aside and pursue the Lord relentlessly. In this, my eyes were opened to my flaws as well as my heart was broken for the people of Africa. When the Lord breaks your heart for what breaks His, you learn to love in a way you never have before. Throughout 2 months spent in Uganda, I learned to love and serve through mere simplicity and the beauty that resulted was indescribable. Africa for sure changes hearts, yet more so the Lord simply opens hearts to feel things as He feels and then you simply fall in love. The Lord is using and has used Sozo Children immensely so if anyone has any interest in the internship, feel free to contact me, you won’t regret it!!
— Katherine, 2016 Intern