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4 41st St S
Birmingham, AL, 35222

(205) 208-0016

Sozo Children exists to further the gospel while saving children in need. Children are in need across this world, and one by one, Sozo Children is reaching each of them. We don't presume to conquer poverty on our own, but by the grace of God, and the movement of the Church, Sozo Children is one avenue through which orphans find families. 

Child Segments

Child Sponsor Segments 


The Housing segment provides for the basic expenses associated with providing shelter for every child. Our children live in safe, family-style homes to ensure they gain family identity.



The Equip segment provides resources to empower every child with tools and life skills needed for success. Sustainability projects, apprenticeships, additional educational tools, and extracurricular activities are covered by the Equip segment.



The Education segment provides for school fees and supplies for every child. Education is a doorway to freedom, success, and livelihood in Uganda.




The Lead segment provides for the protection and development of Sozo’s future vision by ensuring that the staff is equipped with the tools needed to provide the best standard of care for our children. The Lead segment covers expenses such as communication, legal costs, court orders, office space, and much more.


The Nutrition segment provides a healthy and balanced diet daily for each child.  Good nutrition prepares each child to reach their greatest potential everyday.




The Nurture segment provides for those who invest in each child on a daily basis. The Ugandan house moms and dad are given everything they need to love, nurture, and raise each child in a family setting through the Nurture segment.


The Medical segment provides for each child’s routine doctor’s visits, vaccinations, and medical emergencies. Our children have access to quality health care which ensures that all medical issues are handled in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.


The Disciple segment provides for each child’s spiritual development, growing them not only into disciples but disciple makers. Church camps, bibles, transportation to church, and other spiritual development needs are included in the Disciple segment.

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